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About Us

About the Company

Soul*ar Energy Holistic Health Enterprises was established in 1995 as a company committed to supporting wellbeing and a holistic approach to living. In response to the hectic pace of today's lifestyle, Soul*ar Energy has developed a variety of personal and home decorative items aimed at bringing back the balance of harmony and peace.

These unique gifts have been inspired by nature and reflect the ancient art of communicating through symbols. Soul*ar Energy embraces symbology as the 'language of the soul', rich in multi-layered meaning. The deep resonance of these symbols combine powerfully to create a synergy of positive energy through the use of colour, light and numerology blended with gifts from Mother Nature including crystals, semi-precious gemstones and animals.

These rich symbols have been merged with the principles of Feng Shui to create harmony through the correct placement of objects in our environment. Inspired by The Cultural Creatives, Soul*ar Energy has recognized the need for reclaiming the sacred in life including personal growth, spirituality, helping others, being true to your inner self - 'your soul', and to get in touch with your passion.

These beautiful creations have been designed with love and passion to enhance your connection to nature and the divine in your day to day life.


About the Polar Bear

Polar Bear LogoSoul*ar Energy's logo of a Polar Bear was chosen for the symbolic meaning that it represents. According to Inuit tradition, Polar Bears are thought to be the "keeper's of ancient wisdom" and "liaisons with the spirit world".

Ted Andrew's Animal-Wise describes the appearance of Polar Bear as a time to begin a new and powerful spiritual journey and a time to awaken hidden potential and abilities. He further notes that two Polar Bears will often form friendships and feed and travel together:

"It is not unusual as we start on a power journey that brief and even lasting friendships with those of a similar path arise."

The deeper meaning of Polar Bear, as a symbol, has resonated with the artists as they began their shared journey of what was to become Soul*ar Energy.


The artists close connection to the Polar Bear has fostered awareness about this beautiful and powerful animal's survival with increasing global warming. We ask you to adopt a Polar Bear and help ensure their survival under these changing artic conditions.

Arctic 's 'Big Melt'

The Arctic is melting. By 2100 there may be no ice left in the Arctic in summer. That means no polar bears. Global warming, caused by burning fossil fuels, is to blame.

WWF Artic Conservation Program

The goal of WWF Canada's Arctic Program is three-fold: to safeguard Arctic wildlife, to protect key habitats and to reduce toxic contaminants.



Aurora Borealis

About the Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are the shimmering, dancing, pulsating lights seen on clear winter nights usually in the northern latitudes (Aurora Australis in the Southern latitudes). Various cultures have explained these magical light shows as 'dancing spirits'.

The Aurora Borealis has been an unseen influence guiding the evolution of Soul*ar Energy. The “intuitive” choice of using a winter night sky shimmering with the Aurora Borealis to complement our Polar Bear logo and then using the Swarovski Light Prisms with an Aurora Borealis or iridescent finish, led us to the first of many amazing synchronicities that would shape and influence the direction of Soul*ar Energy.

About the Artist

Laurie Johansen

Laurie Johansen, BScN, Reiki Master
Designer, Colour & Gemstone Consultant

In 1992 a MVA ended Laurie's 10-year career as a critical care nurse. As a result of this life-altering event, and the ensuing health challenges, Laurie found herself redirected into the growing field of alternative health. She has spent the past 10 years studying numerous natural healing alternatives such as Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), colour therapy, aromatherapy in addition to crystals and gemstones in her search for options to relieve her chronic health challenges.

With the traditional career in healthcare closed to her, she has developed a new career and spiritual path with Soul*ar Energy, designing 'nature inspired creations' and share her passion for these gentle healing energies with others.

Laurie Ross

Dear friend, fellow muse and kindred spirit has moved to her new career in the retail industry.  Though her life path has diversified, the beautiful contributions that she made to Soul*ar Energy and many timeless product designs, most notably the Celtic Light Catchers, will always be cherished and appreciated.


Soular Energy Holistic Health Enterprises

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