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Medicine Wheel

It is time to embrace the old ways and renew our lost connection to sacred wisdom. The Medicine Wheel is one of many ways you can achieve this. We invite you to read more about the Medicine Wheel below.


Medicine WheelMedicine Wheels have been a part of many ancient cultures dating as far back as 5,500 years. They are sacred power locations that contain the collective energy investment of the ancient peoples who used them in ceremony. The Medicine Wheel was a time-honoured ceremonial space to honour the gifts of growth, rites of passage, seasonal changes of Mother Earth and the interconnectedness of all life.

The ancient peoples recognized that they were influenced by the rhythms of Mother Earth and the cycles of life and lived in accordance with those natural rhythms. They honoured all the life cycles - times for creation, gestation, planting, birth, growth, change, death & rebirth. "Medicine" was about coming back into balance and harmony with those cycles.much different than today's modern medicine.

Medicine WheelOur modern lifestyle is driven by a hectic pace of striving. striving to get ahead. striving to get things done. striving to do it all. Modern thinking is much more linear and analytical, often using a reductionist (vs. holistic as in the Medicine Wheel) model of breaking things down into separate pieces. This is evidenced in western medicine with its attendant specialists looking after our various body parts versus the whole person.



Construction & Symbology

Medicine WheelThe Medicine Wheel is a circular mandala defined with stones. The sacred circle of the Medicine Wheel embodies Mother Earth and the 4 directions; East South; West and North. Medicine Wheel








The East point on the Medicine Wheel is represented by the colour yellow, the season of spring and the totem animal eagle. The east is the direction for seeking illumination and clarity regarding your life path.



The south on the Medicine Wheel is symbolized by the colour red, the season of summer and the totem animals of coyote and mouse. The south teaches the qualities of faith, trust and humility.



The west position on the Medicine Wheel is the home of bear, the season of fall and the colour black. The power of the west and bear asks us to go within and perhaps hibernate for a while, to be introspective and review our goals.



Finally the north point on the Medicine Wheel is symbolized by the colour white, the season of winter and the totem animal buffalo. The north is the place of wisdom and gratitude, giving thanks for our blessings and sharing what we have learned with others.



Personal Growth

In ancient times and today, people have sought the wisdom contained within the Medicine Wheel by sitting or standing in quiet contemplation at the directional point which correlates to the cycle of life growth. This quiet time of deep personal reflection would often bring answers depending on which stage of the personal life cycle the seeker was at - whether it be beginnings, creation, growing, developing or endings. The seeker could respectfully access wisdom from this perspective on which steps were required to assist with personal growth and to keep the wheel spinning in life.

Medicine WheelThroughout the course of life each of us goes around the Medicine Wheel many times coming back to each point with new wisdom, refinement and understanding. In this way we remain connected to all life cycles of growth and seasons of change.

Medicine Wheel Uses

In summary, the Medicine Wheel may be used for ceremony and healing, creating sacred space, to pray, to fast and seek visions, seasonal celebrations, to experience life more fully and gain deeper wisdom and understanding.


Our Own Medicine Wheel - Creating a Medicine Wheel Garden

As a result of our strong connection to the animal totems which we have come to know through studying Jamie Sams Medicine Cards, we began our quest to gain deeper knowledge about the Totem Animals, Medicine Wheel and Shamanism. In August of 2003 we made shamanic hand drums with Alannah Jantzen from Spiritus and found a deep connection to Mother Earth when we drummed in nature. It only seemed natural that we would explore the possibilities of installing a Medicine Wheel to anchor our growing connection and respect for the sacred in life.

We turned to many authors but ultimately referred to the works by Jamie Sams Dancing the Dream: The Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation and The Medicine Wheel Garden : Creating Sacred Space for Healing, Celebration and Tranquility by E. Barrie Kavasch.

Drum made in Alannah's workshop

Drum made in Alannah's workshop


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