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Creating Positive Energy

As you start the process of creating more positive energy in your life you need to be aware of the flow of chi around you. By looking at your life you can review the amount of balance in your life. The forces of yin and yang must be balanced to achieve harmony.

Use the Life Satisfaction Tool to assess which areas of your life are flowing smoothly and which you would like to change. Consider each section of the pie as one of 9 areas of your life and within each life area, rate your current level of satisfaction on a scale of 1-10. With 1 being the centre of the pie and 10 being the outside circle, shade in the rating in each of the 9 areas.

Life Satisfaction Tool

Print the Life Satisfaction Tool


When you have completed the shading for each area you will have a picture of your life. If your life is in balance, all areas will be equal and the wheel will turn smoothly. If there are areas of imbalance, the wheel will be irregular causing a bumpy ride. This can help you to prioritize which areas of your life you want to improve.

Beginning the Process

Once you have determined which area of your life you want to begin work on refer to the Bagua map. The Bagua is a tool used in the ancient art of Feng Shui which is based on the principle that your space reflects your life. The Bagua is a mental tool or map that is used to determine the placement of nine life areas as they are represented in your space. The nine sections of the Bagua correspond to the 9 life areas in the Life Satisfaction Tool as follows:

Wealth & Prosperity

Citrine, Jade, Tree Agate

Fame & Reputation


Love & Relationships

Rose Quartz,

Community & Family Harmony

Chrysocolla, Malachite

Health & Wellbeing

Tiger's Eye,

Creativity & Children

Ice Quartz

Wisdom & Spirituality


Career & Life Journey

Lapis Lazuli

Helpful People & Travel

White Jade

This side lines up to the entrance to the home, room, garden.
Print The Bagua

Determine the Bagua area you wish to improve and line up the entrance to your home or room with the lower edge of the Bagua.

This map can be placed over a building or home, a garden, an individual room or even a desktop. The front door, entrance, or door to the room or the location of your chair determines the orientation. You can then use the principles of Feng Shui in the area of the Bagua that you want to make positive changes.


Step One: Space Clear

It is important to energetically clear the area of negative or stagnant energy before the positive energy can enter. Space clearing is especially important in situations such as divorce, arguments, illness, feeling stuck or a move to a new home. Begin by de-cluttering and cleaning your space. Specific locations of clutter may give insight into areas of imbalance in your life:

  • Entrance of a home - fear of relationships
  • Inside a closet - unwilling to examine emotions
  • In a kitchen – resenting/overwhelmed with care giving
  • Next to a bed - desire for change or escape
  • On a desk - frustration or fear of not being in control
  • In a corner behind a door - detachment from others
  • Under furniture - appearances are important
  • In a cellar – procrastinates
  • In an attic - believes the past is better than the present
  • In a garage - difficulty with achieving goals

The process of space clearing will help you experience greater vitality, clarity and energy. In addition to clearing clutter and cleaning the area you can also 'energetically cleanse' any stagnant energy by smudging with smoke or essential oils.

Smudging with Smoke

Sage Smudge Bundle

Burning herbs such as sage and allowing the smoke to cleanse negativity is called "smudging". The herbs are sometimes tied up into a bundle for ease of use. Smudging is an ancient and active custom among many peoples.

Cleansing & Space Clearing Kit

Cleansing & Space Clearing Kit available from Soul*ar Energy

Cleansing & Space Clearing Aura & Room Mist and Diffuser OilSmudging with Essential Oils

A smudge spray made with essential oils is also effective for clearing negativity. In addition to essential oils, Soul*ar Energy's Aura & Room Mists contain the energies of specific gemstones thus enhancing their effectiveness. Aura & Room Mists are available in 10 blends.


Step Two: Creating Positive Energy

Once you have cleared, cleaned and prepared your space, it is time to invite in the positive energies. Think of creating your own private sanctuary. When our environments surround us with positive images and energy we change the way we feel, look and act. This inner shift allows us to re-program ourselves and our lives for health, happiness and prosperity.

Fame & Reputation Area Before Fame & Reputation Area After
Fame & Reputation Area Before Fame & Reputation Area After


Step Three: Choosing Cures and Symbols for Positive Energy

Bagua Specific Energy Cures

Soul*ar Energy has created 9 Bagua-specific light catchers, each comprised of the resonant colour, element, shape and gemstones designed to balance and energize your selected Bagua area.

Other Energy Cures

Natural Salt Lamps and Natural Salt Candle Holders freshen the air with negative ions, particularly when warmed, and help create a peaceful and relaxing environment reminiscent of the forest, seaside or outdoors after a thunder shower. Their warm colour glow and ionized clean fresh air naturally and beautifully create an atmosphere of well being for your entire living, sleeping and work areas.

Remember that your intuition is always your best guide. If you feel that a placement or change needs to be in a certain area trust that feeling - even if it does not correspond to the Bagua.

Divine Wisdom, Evolution and an Earth Conscious Lifestyle

In 1994 River Boat Captain Vladimir Megré met 2 elder gentlemen who spoke of the powerful healing and consciousness raising gift of energy from the 500 year old trees in the Russian taiga known as the Ringing Cedars of Russia.

Megré then went on to meet their descendent Anastasia, granddaughter of the elders. This evolved and enlightened descendent not only spoke of the healing properties of the Ringing Cedars and their role in creation, but also the power of living an Earth conscious lifestyle, as demonstrated by Anastasia, and many latent spiritual and psychic abilities unrealized by humankind. Forever changed by their encounter, Megré returns to the modern world and begins to share her message of enlightenment.

The collaborative series of nine books created by Megré and Anastasia are mysteriously able to influence enlightening thought; to inspire the reader to live their best life positive evidence which suggests that we are indeed in the presence of a highly developed spiritual being.

See Ringing Cedars of Russia Products page for more information and products.


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